Development of small scale sport and recreation infrastructure in the Montana-Pirot cross-border region


This project addresses the lack of small-scale sport infrastructure for young people and the lack of effective and long-lasting cooperation between the sport clubs in the cross-border region. Its main goal is to make children be more “sport oriented” by providing better conditions for training. It is proven that nowadays kids live sedentary life and do not have many outdoor activities. This is caused by the: lack of good and inspiring sport facilities for public use; lack of financial resources for participation in private sport clubs, busy living of the parents who usually do not have time to involve kids in family outdoor activities; computers’ and TV influence, etc. We believe kids have to be given a hand during their first years on physical development and provide them with modern facilities for training. A real strength of the project is the multifunctional and multi-age character of the planned infrastructure and the possibility for exchange of experience in the fields in which the two municipalities’ sport clubs are good. During the project implementation we will promote the nature-friendly living and outdoor sport activities and we are sure there will be many children who will get involved in that. It will be a question of very good organization and motivation to get in touch and attract kids and parents to use the facilities intensively and for long time, but as a good “owner”.